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Pillow Cushion for Lower Pain Relief

Our Lumbar Pillow is ergonomically designed to improve and support a proper seating position. We are a team of therapists that got together to create a functional back and lumbar pad to give relief where you need it. The LOWER BACK. Whether you suffer from chronic back pain or just get fatigued after a long day, this pillow will help relieve some of the tension. If you have a tendency to slouch, this cushion will help you sit up straight and avoid the pain and stress that comes with bad posture. Simply place the cushion on your chair and attach the convenient elastic strap to hold it in place. Or put it on the sofa as you're watching TV. It also makes a great backrest to use when reading or working on your laptop or tablet while sitting in bed. Keeping your spine in proper alignment is an important key to relieving back pain. The Okwu Comfort provides the ideal lumbar support to ease the lower back pain. There are five lumbar vertebrae located in the lower back. These vertebrae receive the most stress and are the weight-bearing portion of the back. All the more reason to properly support this crucial and highly sensitive-to-injury area. The orthopedic design of the Okwu helps to relieve tension and keep the spine Vertebra in proper alignment, reducing stress and strain on this region. Chiropractors, Occupational and Physical therapists recommend lumbar support cushions to help maintain good posture while at home, in the office or on the road. Okwu Comfort Lumbar cushion can also provide lumbar support in your car, truck or SUV, office chair, bench, and give you comfort on the go. If you find yourself stiff and in pain after a road trip, this travel pillow could be your answer for a more pleasant journey. Those with arthritis or chronic back pain will find it especially helpful in keeping their backs straight while on the road or when traveling in trains or planes. We created a one-for-all adjustable strap that can adjust to any size when needed.