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MABUA 2 Protective Bed PAD Sizes 36" x 34" and 52" x 34" Reusable Wetting Underpad Quilted Waterproof Washable Sheet Protector Children Adults Elderly Pet Incontinence 8 Cups Absorbency

Premium Quality Bed Under Pads, reusable, Mattress, Quilted, Waterproof, Washable 34" x 36" and 34" x 52" Best Sheet Protector for Children or Adults with Incontinence 8 Cups Absorbency last 450 Machine Washes. Nurses and occupational therapists recommended. Our pads can also be used for your pets. Best for all audience and will save you a lot of money. The MABUA Bed Pads are designed to stay in place on many surfaces and will not make those cracking noises made by other underpads. It measures at a generous 52 inches by 34 inches and 34 inches and 36 inches, you will get TWO great sizes to protect you from any liquid when you need it. Six Loops at each End and you will NOT feel it. The MABUA Bed Pad has six loops that can be used to pull patients up in bed. Any health care or caregiver knows the difficulty of pulling patients up in bed when the bed has been inclined to a sitting up position, but we got you covered. Our MABUA underpads come with 6 loops for pulling, carrying or positioning any person or pets. Risk-free in Washing It Over and Over Again. The Mabua Bed Pad can be washed with a washing machine and dried in a Dryer, you won't shrink it and the waterproof layer won't break down. The underside is non-slip so the pad stays where you put it. Your sheets and mattress stay completely dry because the pad's quilted top side and absorbent inner core locks in liquids. Plushed Top Layer Is Brushed To A Cloud-Like Softness. Our company will never skimp on quality, some bed pads or underpads can be rough on the skin and give off loud crinkling noises every time you move. The MABUA Bed Pad uses only premium quality materials and has constructed an underpad so luxurious that you'll rest confident in the knowledge that you're protected from any accident, gentle on the skin, and never gives off loud crinkling noises. We Stand Behind Our Products So You Can Rest Easy