27 Yards Elastic String Cord Bands Rope for Sewing, Bracelet, Crafts, DIY, 1/4 Inch

Our Package includes 1 bundle of elastic cord with 27 yards in length. The flat elastic band, bungee, or shock cord with consistent color and continuous length is hard to find in craft stores. The white color is accurate and genuine. The band is thick and strong but soft and very easy to sew or cut. It stretches easily and resumes its original shape without losing elasticity over time even after numerous washings and dryings. The nylon type material does not narrow when stretched or weaken with needlework. For crafting, or sewing, or clothes-making, this long-lasting and shrink-resistant flat string is for sure a worth having. The applications of this cord are limited only by your imagination. The rope is wide enough for waistbands and narrow enough for easy gathering on more heavy-duty clothes. You will find it handy when you want to make costumes, pants, skirts, leggings, aprons, shoes, baby tutus, costume necklines, or even doll clothes. Using this as a waist insert to replace a drawstring, alternate the size, or reinforce the elasticity on a sport shorts, pajama, bra, or underwear will give it a new life. If you are a crafty hobbyist, you will be surprised what this cord can do when you create couch covers, crib sheets, fitted sheets, diaper covers, or even duvet covers. For journal makers, this loop ties your products instantly. The uses of the strap are so versatile that it can even be used to create jewelry such as colorful wristbands.