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60 BLOCKS TIC TAC GIANT TOPPLING TUMBLING TOWER with Bonus Rules Card and Dice Timber Game Stacks to 6 feet Its Just like the Classic game with a twist of tic tac toe

The MABUA giant tumbling toppling tower is a giant version of one of America's favorite party games mixed with a twist. The set is made out of giant size Pinewood blocks with smoothly sanded beveled edges. The Tower starts out at 3 ft tall and can grow to over 6 ft during games. The object is to pull blocks out of the body of the tower and replace them at the top without the tower falling over. As an added bonus, a dice with matching shaped on the blocks and the dice to add challenge to the game and our set includes printed shapes on the sides which matches the dice to allow for a challenging game and the blocks can also correspond to your custom rules sheet. The corresponding shapes are set of rules that are created by the players which make the game even more fun! For example, you may roll the dice to choose whom will pull the first block by matching the blocks with the rolled dice, Write the rules as you see fit in the dry eraser card. The rules sheet is a dry-erase card so you can create your own rules. You can make the rules adult themed, dare game, a game of chance, or even goofier. The game includes a robust canvas carrying case with handle pad so you can neatly store the set or bring it with you anywhere without pain while carrying it. This is by far the best giant tower game available on the market and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For entertainment highlight at events, any outdoor gathering, fundraisers, and parties. PLEASE NOTE: This is not one of those homemade stacking games with 10.5" blocks seen in some bars and other venues. Our large game is made from softwood "2x4's" that provides the playability, durability, and safety of our Tower games. Our Giant Tumbling Timbers includes 60 - 1.5" x 2.5" x 7.5" pieces and 20 rows of tumbling timbers fun. This timber game stands 3 feet tall to start and depending on your level of experience can reach a height of 6 feet! this game is great to take outdoors an