MABUA 4oz Container with Lids 50 Pack Clear Plastic Round Storage Jars Wide-Mouth Plastic Containers Jars with Lids for Storage Liquid and Solid Products

ZaVBe containers consist of 50 units of a 120G container (4oz). An empty clear plastic jar, cosmetic container pots. They easily screw together for compact storage of acrylic powder, liquids, nail designs, and much more. Jars are perfect for a sampling of eyeshadows creams, lip balm lotions, and cosmetics. These empty cosmetic jars can be used to mix your own colors or create your own color sets. They are perfect for traveling. Material: Polystyrene. All products are SOLD AS NEW. Our 4oz containers come in a box with a plastic bag covering and some without a plastic bag covering. We do this to reduce labor costs so we can pass down those savings to you. If you have questions, please contact us by way of text or email and we will answer all your questions with easy.