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MABUA Multicolored Women Seamless Toe Topper Liner Socks

Multi-colored (Black, Nude, and Brown) Solid Half socks with breathable mesh: Mabua is the First company to weave a breathable Half Socks. Our Half socks is a Half-sock that keeps the feet from irritation, No protruding feel, Breathable knitted mesh, NO binding feel, Protects feet from perspiration/friction, and reduces odor. Our socks will not slip off feet, Material is made of Polypropylene 95%, Spandex 5%, Dots Silicone ABS and it's a One size fits all. You must try it to experience non-stinky feet, hugging comfort and odor removing socks.


★ First BREATHABLE MESH in half socks. Protects feet from perspiration.

★ NO protruding feel. PREVENTS friction and odor.

★ For durability & super lightness, Materia is made of Polypropylene 95% Spandex 5% Dots Silicone ABS.

★ Maximum Moisture wicking ability to keep feet dry.

★ Has 45 Dots made of Silicone ABS to keep socks from slipping off!